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Tea & Coffee designs.
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26th-Jan-2011 07:35 pm - *61
Keeley- Boots
(Wallpaper) Keeley Hawes - Boots nº 7 New Campaign.

over hereCollapse )

17th-Dec-2010 04:12 pm - *059
Keeley Hawes - Black and white
Upstairs Downstairs promotional pictures, graphics and such. I will do some icons as well soon :)

All of them under the cut Collapse )
1st-Dec-2010 07:56 pm - So this is Christmas.
Alex - epic hair is epic
 I know, I know. Tumblr is pretty much absorbing my on-line life and I haven't made any posts in a while. So this is the time to make this up.

I will be taking requests  for graphics. Anyone that's interested, leave a comment, write me a message, etc ;-) 

Just tell me the fandoms. And if it's from some fandom I don't know/a show I don't watch, if you provide me some caps, I will be a happy woman.

13th-Oct-2010 12:24 pm - *058
Alex - Smiling
Ashes to Ashes (season 1 finale)

Unbreakable, Bolly. Unbreakable. Unlike this bloody wine, which is undrinkable!Collapse )
31st-Aug-2010 04:13 pm - *057
a2a - Luigi's
Ashes to Ashes (season 1, episode 5) , Identity (episodes 5 and 6)+ Wallpaper (Gene/Alex)

To dress like a tart, wiggle your ass in my direction and fulfill my days with glimpses of the depth of your depraved mind. It's good enough for me, BollyCollapse )
3rd-Aug-2010 08:05 pm - *056
Keeley Hawes
Keeley Hawes (would I lie to you?), Identity, Sherlock, a2a cast (dust to dust documentary)

No more heroes anymore!Collapse )

10th-Jul-2010 11:01 pm - *055
Dress up - Gene&Alex
 Ashes to Ashes,Life on mars, The Office, The mentalist, The IT crowd,Identity, Ellen Muth.

Live and let dieCollapse )
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